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Last update: 25/05/09 Updated versions of Health- & Performance Check and Sitting-Check
Start a process for continuous development!
The Process The process - a guidance to coninuous improvement
Health- & Performance Check - monitor your operators health and level of performance
Cost/Benefit-Check - monitor and estimate hidden costs related to illness
WORX for SMEs - monitor mental strain, organisation and working climate
Skills-Check (contractor) - identify required skills and your skills
Skills-Check (operator) - identify operators strengths and areas for improvements
Ergo-Check - assess the condition of the machine
Sitting-Check - assess the operator's sitting position
It's about reducing costs for illness in forestry work.

This tool package is specially customized for forestry contractors. It provides guidance for you and your team on improving and maintaining your operators' health, safety and well-being. The aim is to inspire you to start an improvement process by giving you ideas, which you can and shall adapt to your specific company situation.

Health and performance are not separate issues. To stay profitable your company is offered tools for detecting early signs of operator ill health or lost motivation.

A development process and seven tools are presented on these websites. On each site you get a short introduction and at the bottom of each page you are offered to download the tool as well as additional information on why and how to use the tool.

Click on the tool name - or choose from the menu to the left.

All tools can of course be used independently, but ...

  • the tool Health- & Performance Check provides input to the tool Cost/Benefit Check, but of cource you can use data from your own files in tool 2
  • using the tool WORX for SMEs improves the working climate; all efforts benefits from this
  • contractor and operator get an overall status of the 'hardware' (the machine) with the tool Ergo-Check
    and the 'software' (the operator) with the tool Sitting-Check
... using several tools means tackling ergonomic problems from different points of views → creative solutions!

For help, training and further information on process and tools, please contact:

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financed by the European Commission
Project No. COLL-CT-2006-030300
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